L-Glutamine Benefits


Glutamine Benefits

Almost 60% of our muscles consist of the essential amino acid L-glutamine. This value underlines the important role of glutamine in our body. In the case of intense physical stress and a demanding everyday life, glutamine can help to ensure performance and make the regeneration processes in the muscles effective.

  • Ideal for strength and endurance athletes
  • Supports regeneration processes
  • Post-workout specialist

Natural glutamine.

Some glutamine products are extracted from duck feathers from inferior sources. However, we want to feed your body only the highest quality supplements to ensure maximum performance. That’s why our L-Glutamine is naturally fermented. We attach particular importance to vegetable raw material sources and use fermented corn grain. This is how we create a high-quality amino acid that is produced 100% vegan and is characterized by high biological availability.

What are the benefits of plant-based glutamine?

We consciously decide to use plant-based raw materials. In this way, we obtain both the contents and the capsule material from plant sources. In this way, we can guarantee 100% vegan quality and at the same time the greatest possible biological value.

Is foodspring L-glutamine vegan?

To ensure that vegetarian and vegan people also benefit from high-quality L-glutamine, we rely on purely plant-based raw materials both inside and outside. And honestly, who wants to take supplements based on human hair, duck feathers and slaughterhouse waste? We certainly don’t.

In which sport does L-glutamine help?

Whether endurance or team sports. L-glutamine contributes to rapid regeneration. This benefits everyone who exercises regularly.

Is L-glutamine also suitable for women?

The muscle consists of 60% L-glutamine. Therefore, an adequate supply of the amino acid is equally essential for men and women. Although the body produces L-glutamine itself, athletes have an increased need for the amino acid. If L-glutamine is missing, it can
lead to above-average recovery phases. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure an adequate supply of L-glutamine for every athlete, regardless of gender.

Do you process human hair for L-glutamine?

We strictly distance ourselves from the inferior extraction methods from human hair or duck feathers. Although this production method is much cheaper, it is not acceptable for us
within the scope of our quality standards.

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