8-Minute Bodyweight Burner Workout

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There are many good reasons for skipping a workout. Not having enough time is not one of them. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to make the trip to the gym regularly, in addition to work, everyday to-dos, and obligations. And sometimes you just don’t have the concentration to complete a long workout in the evening. That’s why we’re keeping it short this time, but all the more intense. You only need eight minutes and a mat for this session. Whether you do it at home or in the gym as a finish to your strength training—you’ll definitely work up a sweat, get your money’s worth, and get out of your comfort zone.

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Today we have an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) workout on the agenda. AMRAPs are a type of high-intensity training (HIT) and are therefore very challenging. For a predetermined time, in our case 8 minutes, you do as many rounds of your workout as you can and take as few breaks as possible. In this bodyweight burner workout, the focus is on endurance and exercises with your own body weight, although this can vary from AMRAP to AMRAP. Depending on the exercises and equipment, it can also easily be converted into a strength circuit. This type of circuit training also allows you to work at your own pace, making it accessible to all fitness levels. AMRAP training is very popular in CrossFit. If you enjoy it, it may be worth checking out a CrossFit box.

The Workout You have eight minutes to complete this workout. It’s best to set a timer so you don’t have to watch the clock. Do all four exercises one after the other and then start again immediately. How many rounds can you do?

If the exercises are still too intense or you notice that you are losing your energy after a few minutes, that is no reason to stop. There are easier versions (regressions) for all exercises and you can also adjust the pace. The main thing is that you don’t give up.

Exercises | Regression | Repetitions

  1. Hand Release Push Up | Eccentric Push Ups | 5
  2. Skater Jumps | Without jump | 10
  3. Superman | Side change | 15
  4. Squat Jumps | Air Squats | 20

The Exercises

#1 Hand Release Push Up

Start in the high plank position. Your torso is stable, your head is an extension of your spine, and your buttocks are tense. Lay your body down in a controlled manner, briefly lift your hands off the floor, put them back up, and push yourself back up to your starting position. If this is still too intense for you, you can do eccentric push-ups. To do this, lower your body to the floor in a controlled manner, lay it down, and push yourself back up over your knees. The intensive phase is therefore not the pushing up, but the slow lowering.

Muscles: Chest and arm muscles with a focus on the triceps

Note: Your elbows should stay as close to your body as possible. Tilt your pelvis slightly backward while performing the exercise to avoid arching your back.

#2 Skater Jumps

You start this exercise standing with your feet hip-width apart. Jump and cross your left leg behind your right. As you do so, bend your right leg and touch the floor in front of your right foot with your left fingertips. Change sides dynamically.

You can make the exercise easier by doing it without jumping.

Muscles: Buttocks, thigh, and calf muscles

Note: Make sure that the knee of the standing leg does not bend inward.

#3 Superman

This time you start lying on your stomach. Tighten your buttocks and as you exhale, raise your arms and legs into the air at the same time. As you inhale, lower them again. Your palms are facing each other. You can make the exercise easier by first lifting your right leg and arm and then changing sides.

Muscles: Extensor muscles of the back of the body

Note: Pay attention to the tension in your back, shoulders, and buttocks when you lift your arms and legs and also when you lower them again in a controlled manner.

#4 Squat Jumps

The exercise is nothing more than a jumping squat. From a stable position, you go into a deep squat, push yourself off the ground with force, and jump into the air with your legs and arms stretched out. Go straight from your landing position into the next squat and repeat the movement. If the exercise is too intense for you, do air squats, which means squats without additional weight and without jumping.

Muscles: Thigh, calf, and glute muscles

Note: This exercise requires core stability to control the jump and landing. Make sure your knees are pointing slightly outward throughout the squat. Land on the balls of your feet to reduce stress.

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