How to get rid of bad habits forever – tips and tricks


Where do bad habits come from, and according to what scenarios do they dev? lop. How not to fight habits. Tips on how to get rid of negative addictions: awareness, changing the environment, the usual daily routine, and replacing a bad habit with a good one.

When a person performs the same action for a long time, it turns into a habit.¬†There are bad habits made automatically.¬†They harm health, sometimes, and people around them. A person may not notice how many cigarettes he smokes a day or how much junk food he eats.¬†He may waste time on social media, “surf” the Internet, and have a craving for alcohol.

With a strong desire, you can get rid of even the most ingrained habit.¬†Let’s look at the causes of harmful actions and find out what the experts advise.


Self-destructive behavior is considered to be a bad habit. A person, enjoying this or that action, in fact, aggressively destroys his health and relationships with loved ones. His consciousness changes and mental degradation occurs. And all because bad habits lead to addiction.

A person, as it were, ceases to control himself, and becomes a slave to habit. Addictions are treated by specialists, and the habit can be eradicated on your own. Therefore, it is better to start fighting negative phenomena as early as possible so that they do not turn into something you cannot live without.

Negative habits follow these patterns

  1. The person admits that he has a bad habit. He wants to fight her to get rid of her. Working on yourself in this case will be effective.
  2. The person recognizes the habit but is not ready to give it up. He does not want to work on his behavior or correct it, hoping that everything will go away by itself. Such passivity can lead to addiction.
  3. A person is no longer aware of his habit and performs certain actions automatically. Relatives may notice the problem. But until the person himself understands that he is in a dangerous state, no one can help him.

How not to fight bad habits?

  • In the fight against negative habits, in no case should one resort to this very ‚Äústruggle‚ÄĚ, no matter how paradoxical it may sound.¬†A common mistake is when people start bullying themselves.
  • They set themselves impossible ultimatums and resort to violent methods. As a result, a breakdown occurs, returning to old habits.¬†Otherwise, they replace one bad habit with another, and the problem remains.


Addictions arise in a person in those cases when he tries to find a way out to satisfy his emotional needs. You can get rid of any habit if you approach the issue consciously, and follow it step by step. Redemption will not come instantly, but gradually.

Here are some tips on how to properly fight addictions and emerge victorious in this fight.

Recognize the bad habit and begin to control it

First, you need to recognize the problem and call it by its name. To begin to control the habit, analyze your life, and track how many times a day you perform negative actions. For example, if you want to stop smoking, keep a notebook and mark every cigarette you smoke.

  • This way you can visualize the extent of the habit and set achievable goals for yourself.¬†You can try to smoke one less cigarette every day.¬†And then the need to smoke will eventually dry up when you take it under your control.

Replace a bad habit with a good one

The place of a bad habit will be empty until another habit takes it. This is an important psychological point to consider. After all, the emotional need will not disappear anywhere.

  • For example, if a person used alcohol to drown out the feeling of loneliness, then instead he can take up a hobby or sport, and find like-minded people. He will have friends who will support him, and the emotional need will be closed.

Add something new to your routine

To facilitate and speed up this process, you can add unusual activities to your morning ritual after waking up or preparing for bed. If you are used to reading bad news every day or hanging out on social networks for hours, replace this action with drawing, singing Рany other kind of creativity. You can do an exciting sport. If we talk about something simple, then instead of reading the negative, it is better to sit in silence with a cup of tea or coffee. Such a pastime will be much more useful.

  • In fact, it is not so easy to form a new habit, just as it is not so easy to get rid of the old one.

Change the environment, find new friends

If your friends encourage you to use drugs or alcohol, find a company that will support a healthy lifestyle. As for furnishings, remove bottles from open shelves. If you are addicted to food, remove the bowl of sweets, and cookies from the table, and replace these foods with fresh fruit.

  • Paste stickers on your desktop, mirror, and refrigerator with inspiring inscriptions. It is important that both the environment and the people with whom you communicate set you up to achieve your goals.
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