Find out if your body type is ectomorph, endomorph or mesomorph?

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Did you know that our body is part of a group, known as biotype? And that depending on the biotype there are different strategies to lose weight or gain mass? In this post, you’ll learn a simple and easy test to find out what your body type is and we’ll even give you some specific tips for your profile.

What are the differences between ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph body types?

To differentiate body biotypes, it is important to analyse two simple factors: the bone structure (which can be more compact or elongated) and the functioning of the metabolism (which can be slower or faster).


body type

Has the thinnest body, narrow shoulders, lower percentage of muscle mass.

They are generally taller, have a faster metabolism and therefore have an easier time losing weight, as well as an easier time losing muscle mass.

The food of those who are ectomorphs should be a little more caloric, but take a good look: more calories does not mean you have to eat junk food.


body type

He has a more balanced body, not so much ectomorph and not so much endomorph. The upper limbs are more developed, and the waist is thinner. Mesomorphs don’t even have difficulty losing weight, since they also have an accelerated metabolism.

Food should not be very caloric like that of the ectomorph, but it does not need to be as restrictive.

Intense training too, depending on how the shape is; If you need to reduce the percentage of fat, aerobic exercise is suggested.

This is the famous biotype of those who have the genetics! If you train well, regularly and with proper nutrition, you will certainly get an insane shape without much difficulty.


They are usually shorter and the body is wider.

They have the highest fat percentage. And difficulty losing weight.

On the other hand, in most cases, endomorphs find it easy to gain muscle mass.

Food has to be more restrictive, avoiding foods that help to accumulate more fat, such as sweets for example.

In this biotype, aerobic training is a great help, as it has a slower metabolism and accumulates more fat. Already in bodybuilding training is intense and hypertrophic.

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