Benefits of chia seeds for weight loss


Information about chia

Chia is an annual plant, the first mention of which appeared in Mexico. Its height is 1 meter, and the most valuable, seeds, resemble flax in size, and beans in shape. The surface is glossy and has a pattern. Speaking about the taste characteristics, it can be noted that they do not have a sharp pronounced taste, but have a pleasant nutty aftertaste.

The Aztec tribes loved to consume the seeds of this herb before hunting, because they believed that in this way they would gain incredible strength and endurance. Also, in ancient times, chia was used not only as an additive to food, but also as a currency. Today, this is an indicator of how our ancestors valued this plant. Also, there is information that various oils and medicinal components were already made on the basis of seeds.

What are chia seeds and what are their health benefits?

Vegetarians from all over the world simply adore chia seeds, because they fill the human body with a huge amount of calcium and other components necessary for life. They are used in the preparation of special mixtures that vegetarians eat, maintaining the necessary balance of amino acids in their body.

Chia is actively used in order to bring weight back to normal. Reacting with substances that are in the human stomach, the seeds are able to absorb liquid, twelve times the volume of the weight of the seeds. Thus, the stomach fills up quickly, and a person gets a feeling of satiety much faster. As a result, there is no need for snacks, metabolism and the general condition of the gastrointestinal tract are significantly improved. But experts strongly do not recommend self-medication, because the exact and correct dosage must be prescribed, which cannot harm a person.

The seeds of this magical plant contain antioxidants in their composition. In terms of the concentration of these substances, chia is confidently ahead of berries such as blueberries or blueberries. They are especially necessary in the cold season to maintain a good level of human immunity. Antioxidants are unique substances that have a great effect on the condition of all internal organs and skin, which allows you to maintain youth for a long period of time.

The seeds are also rich in acids such as Omega-6 and 3. They are found in a very limited number of foods, but, nevertheless, should be an obligatory part of the human diet. They have a fruitful effect on the state of the cardiovascular system and quite intensively reduce cholesterol.

Chia is the champion in the content of protein, potassium and calcium in the seeds. Studies have shown that the amount of these substances is much greater than in cereals and bananas. Due to this, when using chia, people feel a significant surge of energy, following this, attention is sharpened and the overall functioning of brain cells improves.

Due to the content of unique substances in its composition, with regular use of the seeds, not only does the pressure increase, but also the level of sugar contained in the blood returns to normal. Scientists have proven that after a three-month course in people who suffer from diabetes, the blood becomes more fluid, and the likelihood of blood clots is minimized.

Another miracle is the ability of these seeds to fight inflammation within the human body. The composition of the grain includes many natural components and substances that are analogues of chemical drugs and antibiotics. These substances have the same medicinal effect, but in no way affect the liver and do not reduce its activity. Rather, on the contrary, they improve a person’s well-being, positively affecting the state of internal organs and general health. Chia is involved in wound healing and resists microbes at a high level.

A feature of the seeds is the presence of a hard shell on their surface. It is with its help that it is possible to save healthy fats from environmental influences. It does not succumb to the destructive power of oxidation, and can retain its shape and properties over a long period. Useful substances do not disappear during thermal treatment. Recently, an experiment was carried out where the seeds of the plant were added to the dough, from which bread was later baked. The results amazed everyone, since Omega-3s were preserved almost in full.

Another property is the prevention of colds and flu. This is the reason why the seeds are used as an immune booster, especially during the outbreak of seasonal diseases. At the same time, they significantly improve the indicators of the flora in the body and are an auxiliary component in the treatment of various infections.

To date, plant grains are also used to reduce the manifestations of an allergic reaction. They actively contribute to bringing the body into tone, while rejuvenating all its cells.

In nutrition, grains are used to normalize cholesterol levels and as a prophylactic against atherosclerosis.

Many refer to chia as an energy food. In the past, seeds were an integral part of the food that people took with them when they were about to make a long mountain hike. For a handsome adult man, only a handful of grains was needed to saturate his body with a huge amount of vitamins and give a feeling of satiety for a long period of time. This made it possible to save space and significantly reduced the weight of the provisions that had to be dragged with them to the mountains.

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