Why fat burners are dangerous and can they be used

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Overweight is a real scourge of modern civilization. In developed countries, many people suffer from obesity of varying degrees. The “merit” of this is the lack of physical activity, excessively high-calorie and malnutrition, and ordinary human laziness. Almost all processes that can be automated in principle are already automated, a lot of people are engaged exclusively in office work, sometimes without even leaving home. Also, a certain percentage of the world’s population is genetically predisposed to fullness.


Be that as it may, there is a problem. This is evidenced not only by serious studies of doctors – sometimes it is enough just to look around to make sure that it is real. The issue of overweight may not have been so acute if it were not for the efforts of the mass media, which are intensively promoting the cult of a slender body. This leads to the fact that many people, especially women with a completely normal complexion, begin to complex and strenuously “drive” non-existent fat.

Fat burners and other means

If the issue of losing weight is solved by intensive training in sports and fitness clubs, then this approach can only be welcomed. But other options are also offered, for example, the use of special preparations, the so-called “fat burners”. The manufacturers of these miracle pills advertise them as a panacea for weight gain even without exercise and changes in diet, but do not address the question at all – are fat burners dangerous? And judging by the advertised effectiveness, they can pose a real danger not only to the fat layer, but also to other organs.


Mechanism of action

Consider the action of drugs in more detail. All fat burners actively promoted on the market can be divided into several groups, based on the mechanism of their action. But it is important to understand one thing – most drugs fall into the category of biological supplements. This means that no clinical trials have been carried out with them, most of them are produced using unknown technologies, and their real composition is not that secret, but not advertised.

For advertising purposes, only natural ingredients are reported – caffeine, guar gum, green tea, extracts from exotic plants, such as garcinia cambogia and bitter orange. Other components, among which there may be very effective drugs for various diseases, are not advertised. Their existence is mentioned in passing, or generally silent.

And some of them, for example, sibutramine or fluoxetine, are, respectively, ingredients of cardiac drugs and antidepressants. Ask yourself – why do they need a healthy person? No one is going to buy prescription drugs for nothing. After taking such substances, a healthy person will inevitably become sick. Unlike relatively safe extracts from mint or horsetail, these chemical compounds have a very real effect on various body systems. They can cause high blood pressure, upset the digestive tract and other disorders if there is no indication for taking medication.

In various combinations, weight loss drugs cause:

  • increased muscle activity;
  • loss of appetite;
  • acceleration of metabolism;
  • increase in nervous excitability;
  • decrease in the rate of absorption of fats.

Types of fat burners

According to the type of the most pronounced actions, fat burners can be divided into several subspecies. The division is somewhat arbitrary – most drugs, especially the expensive price category, act in a complex manner and affect different body systems. But all fat burners have priorities. This:

  • Diuretics. Cause increased outflow of fluid from the body. At the same time, a number of useful substances are washed out, including potassium and sodium necessary for the full functioning of the heart, and the kidneys are overloaded. In some cases, movement of stones in the kidneys and urinary tract is possible. In their action, such fat burners resemble the effect of taking drugs for hypertension. If a person has normal or low blood pressure, then taking such a fat burner can result in fainting or arrhythmia.
  • Anoretics. They act at the level of metabolism, reducing appetite. Potentially can cause anorexia and nervous disorders, have a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract. The development of anemia is quite real, especially in women.
  • Blockers. They interfere with the absorption of fats. Along the way, the speed and efficiency of the metabolism of proteins and amino acids and carbohydrates decreases. The body goes into fasting mode with a normal meal. Deficiency of trace elements and vitamins leads to neurosis and other disorders of the nervous system, especially in people engaged in mental work.
  • thermogenic drugs. Cause activation of the cardiovascular system, often accompanied by fever. During the activation process, the rate of fat burning increases. Not suitable for people with problems in the circulatory system.
  • lyotropic substances. They accelerate the process of splitting subcutaneous fat, but can also adversely affect the mucous and internal fatty layers of the body, which are necessary to protect important organs. Lipotropics have much fewer contraindications than other drugs.


The list shows that there are no completely safe fat burners. But taking them is not prohibited, you just need to consult a doctor who knows the characteristics of your body so that there are no negative reactions in the very first days after you start taking dietary supplements.

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