The Super Toning Training Routine for Women

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The unfounded fear of too many muscles

Most women prefer pure cardio training to burn fat or at most additional training with very light weights, which unfortunately has little effect on muscle composition, but only trains muscle endurance.

A woman’s fear that she will mutate into a “muscle monster” as soon as she starts training with free weights and with the aim of building muscle is completely unfounded. From a hormonal point of view alone, it is not possible for women to build up extreme mountains of muscle.¬†If you look at professional women in bodybuilding, you will quickly see that they often have masculine facial contours and an “angular” appearance, and they are also adorned with huge mountains of muscle.¬†These facts suggest that illegal male hormones were used in these cases.

Benefits of muscle building training for women with the goal of fat loss

Muscle burns fat all the time

The muscles are very metabolically active in contrast to the fatty tissue, which means for you that you have a higher basal metabolic rate with increasing muscle mass and therefore burn more fat at rest, a very good deal!

Muscle training burns a lot of calories

A lot of calories are burned during strength training, especially if the breaks are kept short, and it also increases your aerobic endurance!

Muscles burn calories and fat in 3 ways!

The first two as mentioned above in points 1+2 and additionally by the so-called afterburning effect. This means that the muscle is easily injured during the session, the finest muscle structures are destroyed and then rebuilt stronger by the body, which ultimately results in muscle growth. This rebuilding of the protein structures in the muscle consumes enormous amounts of energy.

If you only focus on excessive cardio training combined with a diet, it can also backfire tremendously. If the body is no longer provided with enough energy for its daily needs, it will also attack your muscle substance. A very bad vicious circle, because as mentioned above, less muscle mass means less fat burning at rest.

In extreme cases, you can really ruin your basal metabolic rate and your hormone level, look at the condition of some women after a marathon. There is hardly anything left in these women, neither fat nor muscles, in addition, these women (and also men) sometimes look extremely bad, starved and pale, for us this has nothing to do with health-oriented training and can therefore be included in this Shape also not recommended!

If you really want to feel good and live in a healthy body, your strategy should be different. We would now like to introduce you to our training plan with which you can both shape your muscles and do something to burn fat. Our super sets will ensure that your endurance is not neglected either. A 2-part split plan is trained , with changing muscle groups to guarantee enough recovery time. On two days off a week, you should do a light cardio workout that lasts 30 minutesshould not exceed. This cardio training should really be very easy and is used more for basic endurance and recovery, and you will also burn more calories

The fitness training plan for women to build muscle:

The general conditions:

  • 2 split, which is completed 3 times a week (A|B|A followed by B|A|B etc.)
  • No rest between supersets, 1 minute rest between sets
  • between exercises, the break should not exceed about 1.5-2 minutes to keep the metabolism active
  • the weight should always move cleanly and smoothly
  • the weight will increase once the target reps have been reached

The training split

  • Plan A:¬†back, triceps, abs, legs, buttocks
  • Plan B:¬†¬†chest, biceps, shoulders, abs, calves
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