How to start training after a break? Simple and clear instructions

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We have prepared for you simple instructions on how to start training in the gym after a long break and get the maximum result.

We spent almost 3  months in the regime of restrictions. We went to online cinemas, studied at online schools, and even stood in online queues. We went out of our comfort zone, which affected our physical and moral condition. Yes, someone found the strength to study at home or on the street.
Now the situation is such that fitness clubs are returning to service. This is great. That’s just because the body can not be immediately prepared for a certain date.

We have prepared your instructions on how to smoothly return to fitness mode.


At a basic level, you should understand the following – your body has developed the habit of moving less. Any “unscheduled” and intense movement can lead to injuries and other similar consequences. For this reason, you immediately set yourself up for the fact that the first workouts will go on increasing in terms of load.

1. Check your form

Put on sports shoes and clothes right at home. Do a few active swings with your hands, and a couple of squats. You need to make sure that in this form you are as comfortable as before: movements are not constrained, and freedom is felt. If there are no such sensations, change the form.

2. Measure your parameters

You need to understand what changes have taken place during this time. Changes in weight, waist, and hips. If you have not done this before, then compare yourself by BMI and measurements. The data will help to determine what problem areas have appeared. Through them, you can build a training program.

3. Find out the terms and conditions of your club

The order has now changed. Therefore, after receiving the news about the opening, immediately call the club and clarify the conditions – whether you need to pre-register, whether they provide protective equipment (gloves, antiseptics), and in what format there is access to classes.

4. 3 days before the first workout

You need to gradually accustom the body to perform loads. Start with the most elementary – a little more walking, gymnastics in the morning. Physiology is so arranged that abrupt changes cause a denial. Smooth, on the contrary, form a habit.

5. Workout day

So. You have a comfortable uniform, you know how the club works. The body has already become accustomed to stress. On the day of your first workout, drink plenty of water to restore balance. And tune in to the fact that today you do not need to break records, you need to get back on track.

6. Attitude toward training

Classic: warm-up, workout, and cool-down. And the most important thing now is to enjoy the process. This is called positive reinforcement. Lift comfortable weights, and run a comfortable distance. Don’t forget to drink water.

7. Planning for further classes

After the first workout, make a plan for further training and gradually increase the load and intensity to return to the “pre-pandemic” indicators. Thus, you will smoothly enter the training mode.

8. Socialization

Chat with like-minded people who have also started going to the gym. Socialization will help fill the lack of communication during a pandemic. And training with people moving in one direction is great, right?


It so happened that we now live in a new reality. The fitness industry has also undergone great changes. Only we will adapt to the current conditions. Still, our job is to get better. Go to the site, choose your city and come to the first training session. We are waiting for you

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