Paleo Diet: Eat like in the Stone Age


You ‘ve probably heard of the term Paleo or Stone Age diet . But what is behind it? And which foods are specifically on the menu ? So much can already be revealed: the name comes from the fact that the corresponding diet refers exclusively to food that was already available in the Palaeolithic Age . But is the Paleo diet healthy?

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Paleo: meaning

Paleo is an acronym for Paleolithic , which is the technical term for the Paleolithic period . As is well known, people went about their business as hunters and gatherers in order to obtain food. Anyone who relies on paleo foods today is therefore based on the diet of the time.

What goes on a paleo eating plan?

A paleo diet eats only meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts . Proponents of this form of nutrition are of the opinion that the human organism is still adjusted to Stone Age nutrition. Accordingly, only natural foods are considered a suitable part of a balanced diet.

We also believe that all three macronutrients should be part of a balanced and healthy diet over the long term . Because your body only has everything it needs if you consume the right amounts of carbs, protein and fat together with all the micronutrients. Use modern science to your advantage!

What foods are forbidden on a Paleo diet?

Agriculture and animal husbandry in the Paleolithic? None! The cornerstones of agriculture did not yet exist. For this reason, people who follow the paleo diet avoid processed foods .

The following are not allowed on the paleo diet:

  • Dairy products
  • Grain products (pasta, bulgur, couscous, cakes, pastries, etc.)
  • sweets, sugar and sweeteners
  • Processed animal products such as sausage and fish fingers
  • Legumes including peanuts and soy products (e.g. tofu)
  • Coffee, alcohol and soft drinks
  • Fast food
  • crisps
  • Artificial additives

In addition to the question of what is allowed and forbidden, the quality of the food plays a major role in Paleo. Factory farmed meat? Not on a paleo diet! The focus here is on species-appropriate animal husbandry and organic food.

Is the paleo diet a weight loss diet?

The term paleo diet may be a bit misleading, as it is not primarily about losing weight . In this context, the word diet serves more as a synonym for a specific diet . Always make sure to provide your body with sufficient energy and to cover your nutritional needs.

If you want to achieve your feel-good body through weight loss and more muscle mass, you should generally consume fewer calories than your body uses. The amount of the required calorie deficit depends on many individual factors and cannot be fixed in general.

Weight redistribution is also possible with the paleo diet. The foods consumed here are often lower in calories and contain more nutrients than processed foods. As such, they tend to keep you fuller for longer and reduce cravings.

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