Oblique abdominal muscle exercises and tips


Why pump oblique muscles?

Most often in training, we pay attention to the rectus muscle, completely forgetting about the oblique muscles. And in vain.

Oblique muscles are on the sides. They help to tilt the body forward and turn it to the side. In other words, in everyday life and training, all segments of the press work, not just the rectus muscle. If you play sports, pumped core muscles will make you stronger: movements will be more powerful and precise, and you will be able to control them better. Also, strong obliques will save you from the risk of injury, since they, like other muscles of the cortex, are responsible for the stability of the spine.

If your dream is a relief press, we recommend not neglecting obliques’ training. They will help to give the stomach an athletic look and at the same time not to lose the ideal proportions in the waist. Also, a strong cortex will help to avoid many problems with the spine and correct posture if there is a slouch.


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