How to lose belly fat naturally

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Why it is so important to reduce your belly fat

Sure, a flat stomach is nice to look at and shows those around you that you value your appearance and are disciplined . First and foremost, however, a flat stomach stands for health and vitality .

This might sound like a pretty superficial reason to lose belly fat. But the main reason is anything but superficial. Belly fat has a major impact on your health. If you have a lot of belly fat , you have a much higher chance of  developing cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes.

There are 2 types of belly fat

On the one hand there is the so-called subcutaneous fat . These are the accumulations of fat that lie between the muscles and the skin. On the other hand, there is visceral fat . This is where the fat lies between your muscles and your internal organs .

The so-called organ fat  is particularly dangerous for your health . Because the fat accumulations here react faster with your metabolism . This is because it contains many messenger substances and inflammatory molecules that negatively affect various hormones.

But there is also good news. Because of the high metabolic activity of the visceral fat, it is also broken down faster than the subcutaneous fat under the skin.

Reduce belly fat and treat yourself at the same time – nutrition tips

You think you have to give up completely to reduce belly fat? That’s not true. But you should change a few habits in order to achieve your goal. Learn to eat more consciously . You will find out immediately how this works.

Your belly fat only decreases when you are in a calorie deficit . That means you have to consume fewer calories throughout the day through diet than you use up through sport and exercise.

Now that you know how many calories you can eat per day, all you have to do is sit down and weigh out your regular meals and log them into your favorite calorie counter app . This way you know exactly how many calories you are consuming each day and can adjust your meals accordingly.

With the following 2 tips, you will easily save calories and keep your calorie deficit.

Don’t drink calories

Drinks also contain calories. Soft drinks and fruit juices are full of sugar. You may think you’re only drinking one glass of Coke, but at the same time you’ve ingested 7 cubes of pure sugar. It is no different with fruit juices. Instead, switch to water , tea or coffee and you will save many unnecessary calories every day.

Eat foods that are high in volume and low in calories

Try to cook fresh and eat a balanced diet. Emphasize protein and high-fiber foods. You can find fiber mainly in vegetables and whole grain products. You can easily get protein from animal products like milk and meat. But also via various plant products, such as soy and other legumes.

low in calories

Reduce belly fat with fun – training tips

Another effective method to lose belly fat is exercise . It doesn’t matter whether you just practice a sport as a hobby , jog regularly or start with strength training . Exercising speeds up your metabolism and burns more calories. Nevertheless, every type of sport and training has its personal advantages.

Reduce belly fat with exercise

Not everyone can motivate themselves to jog or go to the gym regularly. Club sport has the great advantage that you can do something for your body in a playful way and at the same time get to know new people.

Reduce belly fat with weight training

Weight training is not only important for building muscle . Even if you want to reduce belly fat , you should not do without strength exercises with weights or your own body weight. The best exercises to lose belly fat are compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, lunges, and many more. Because they use a lot of muscles at the same time, burn a lot of calories and make muscles grow.

The muscle mass gained ensures that your body now burns more energy. In the long run, this will make you lose weight even faster. In addition, only muscles give your body a beautiful shape and ensure that your stomach is not only flat but also toned.

Reduce belly fat with endurance sports

Endurance sports such as running, swimming or cycling also ensure that you increase your calorie consumption. They are also particularly good for simply switching off and therefore have an extremely relaxing effect.

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