How to Apply tan Overnight bodybuilding Competition

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You can get a beautiful skin tone by visiting a solarium every day, but this procedure greatly ages the skin, can provoke allergies and dryness, and even a number of serious diseases. In addition, such a tan looks unnatural. Recently, more and more athletes are choosing make-up for performances as an alternative.

It is bodybuilding makeup that can become that final touch, which, as a result, will lead you to success.¬†It’s not just cosmetics!¬†Professional makeup for bodybuilding can not only give your skin a pleasant shade of natural tan, but under the light of spotlights emphasize your main advantages, draw the smallest muscles, while hiding figure flaws.¬†With bodybuilding make-up, you can demonstrate the beauty of your body to the judges.

As in any business, in the art of applying such makeup correctly, there are several secrets, having mastered which, you can achieve simply amazing results.

First of all, you need to get rid of body hair, which can interfere with the smooth application of self-tanner.

Make-up is applied to clean and exfoliated skin in several approaches: after an evening shower on the eve of the competition and about an hour before entering the stage. Make-up is not applied to the face at night Рapply it only to the neck. Morning shower should be taken without any cosmetics. It is also better not to use a towel, but to let the skin dry naturally.

To apply makeup, you will need a special glove or airbrush. Always start makeup from the back. Self-tanner is applied with quick but smooth strokes to avoid streaks. The base layer of makeup should be uniform and uniform.

When reapplying, you should apply a slightly larger layer of self-tanner to the lumbar region. Darkening this area will help you emphasize the undercut of the latissimus dorsi. Also, pay special attention when reapplying to the chest and abs Рa darker shade of self-tanning in these areas will help you achieve amazing rendering of the muscles. An important point: it is better to miss the hands with a slightly lighter tone, otherwise they will appear smaller in volume.

On the elbows and knees, the makeup layer should be as thin as possible, but pay special attention to the feet. The face, for aesthetic reasons, should not be darker than the rest of the body.

Don’t forget to apply make-up under your shorts or swimsuit so that turning while posing doesn’t inadvertently reveal a lighter area of ‚Äč‚Äčskin that could ruin your performance.

In order for the result not to become an unpleasant surprise for you, you should use only high-quality makeup from leading manufacturers.

One of these is considered to be an American brand with a worldwide reputation Pro Tan, which has been creating make-up for bodybuilding and performances for more than 20 years. The company is an official partner of the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness IFBB, and has also become an official partner of the Moscow Bodybuilding Federation.

Bodybuilding makeup Pro Tan will help to give the body a natural and safe tan and has a light, pleasant texture. It spreads evenly on the skin, while moisturizing it. All products are absolutely hypoallergenic, easy to apply and also easy to wash off. The herbal ingredients that make up the Pro Tan trend products will provide the skin with a safe tan and deep hydration, restoring the hydro-lipid balance after tanning in the solarium. As a result, you will get a pleasant golden skin tone, without streaks and streaks, which you have always dreamed of!

The perfect color for performances with professional make-up by Pro Tan

Evening before the competition

Before self-tanning: Make sure your skin is free of lotions, deodorants, perfumes or colognes and your skin is dry and well cleansed.

1. Gently pour the Pro Tan¬ģ Overnight Competition Color Base Coat into the cup.

2. Using the included glove applicator and following the directions for use, apply approximately 120 ml of Pro Tan¬ģ Overnight Competition Color Base Coat to dry, cleansed skin.

3. Self-tanner should dry for 5-10 minutes in a cool, dry area.

Tip: After the first application of Pro Tan¬ģ Overnight Competition Base Coat, wear long, dark-colored, loose-fitting cotton clothing at night.

Competition day morning

4. After waking up, gently take a warm shower without the use of gel and soap.¬†Don’t wash with very hot water, as it will open your pores, causing the color to wash out.¬†Do not rub with a towel!¬†Gently pat your skin dry or let it dry naturally.¬†Baby wet wipes can be used to clean intimate areas.¬†Do not apply deodorant or lotion to your skin.

5. Using the included glove applicator and following the instructions for use, reapply 120 ml of Pro Tan¬ģ Overnight Competition Base Coat all over the body.

Behind the scenes of the competition

6. Following the instructions, apply the Pro Tan¬ģ instant top coat of your choice 30 minutes prior to going on stage.¬†The paint must dry completely before direct contact with clothing or water.¬†Reapply for a more intense shade.

7. As directed, apply Hot Stuff¬ģ High Definition Muscle Enhancer Oil, Muscle Juice¬ģ Maximum Definition Performance Posing Oil, or Show Shine¬ģ Super Lightweight Performance Posing Oil to set bronzer before pumping muscles.

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