“How to replace fruits if they are expensive or I don’t like them,” the nutritionist answers


A healthy diet is unthinkable without fresh fruit. But what if, for one reason or another, their use is impossible? Recommendations are shared by Zoya Bogdanova, a nutritionist, nutritionist, psychologist, and author of the book and methodology “Eat. Read. Lose weight.”

Green buckwheat

The buckwheat groats we are accustomed to are thermally processed grains. Green buckwheat has more benefits. It contains antioxidants, many essential amino acids, fiber, dietary fiber, and a set of trace elements. Green buckwheat grains are rich in B vitamins and contain phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, selenium, tryptophan, iron, methionine, folic acid, manganese, rutin, copper, lecithin, pantothenic acid, lysine, isoleucine.

It is best to use raw green buckwheat: just pour water into an eco-friendly bowl and leave e overnight. A wonderful dish will be ready in the morning! Green buckwheat can be sprouted, and only then eat. From these grains, it is recommended to cook not only porridge but also soups, mousses, cocktails, and salads, mixing them with vegetables and herbs.


Any germinated grains are sprouts. They are a rich source of vitamins and phytonutrients. Seeds are a storehouse of important nutrients: it is thanks to them that a living and strong plant sprouts from small seeds. When we germinate them, a useful set of substances is transferred to an easily digestible state and the human body does not need to expend additional energy to benefit from food.

Sprouts contain proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. As well as vitamins of groups B, and E, a set of important trace elements, mine, rails, and biotin. Sprouted grains are rich in antioxidants and help the body cleanse itself of toxins, rejuvenate, and heal.

Such a powerful concentration of benefits is found only in germinating seeds until roots and leaves are formed. It’s not worth sprouting a lot, it’s not the quantity that matters, but the regularity of use.

green salads

It is not necessary to eat only the usual lettuce leaves. There are many types of them and you can choose the one that you like more to your taste. Or mix. The composition is rich and healthy: calcium (even more than in dairy products), manganese, folic acid, vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, iron, sodium, iodine, phosphorus, and vitamins B, E, C, and A. Due to the presence of a large amount of fiber lettuce leaves stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and gently cleanse the body.

Green salads are low-calorie, and it is very easy and simple to prepare a dish from them. Wash, dry, pick the leaves with your hands (do not cut) – and add your favorite dressing. You can combine it with other vegetables, add seeds or some nuts.

Nuts, seeds, urbech

Nuts saturate the body with healthy unsaturated fats, vitamins, fiber, and micro and macro elements. They are perfectly absorbed in the first half of the day, only you need to chew each one very carefully and slowly. Flax seeds, chia, and others will fill the body with the necessary fiber, carbohydrates, and proteins. Better digested when ground.

You can make a wonderful oriental dish – beach. It can be multi-component or prepared on a single basis. Initially, this dish was ground flax seeds, but now there is a wide variety. Urbach is seeds and nuts crushed into an oily paste without heat treatment. Spices are usually not added. Such a paste perfectly satisfies hunger and enriches the body with useful substances.


Fruits can be replaced with vegetables. Just be sure to check the glycemic index if you are going to cook them, and not eat them raw. Vegetables have all the advantages of fruits, they are rich in vitamins, and fiband er contain a rich set of trace elements. And at the same time, they lack the main drawback of fruits – high glucose content.

Have you ever tried fresh beetroot carpaccio with basil sauce and mustard? This is very unusual and insanely delicious! And also beautiful. And most importantly, fresh beets have a normal glycemic index, unlike boiled ones. And such interesting, tasty and healthy dishes from vegetables can be invented and cooked in large numbers.

Don’t take the information with a grain of salt. If we remove the appearance, color, and shape of products, as well as our food stereotypes and attitudes, then many vegetables and fruits will coincide in composition and benefits. Are you sure that with your eyes closed you can distinguish the taste of almonds and potatoes, avocado and egg white, cucumber or chia soaked in kefir? Try, study the composition and feel free to replace one product with another, identical in benefits to the body.

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