First time in the gym : where to start

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We set goals

Before joining a fitness club, decide on the goals of your workouts. What do you want – to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle or gain a beautiful relief, or maybe all together at once?

Meet the coach

Already at the first meeting with a personal trainer, outline to him the circle of your tasks. A professional trainer will always listen to a beginner and help you navigate the variety of areas of the fitness club.

We carry out diagnostics

At the first meeting, a personal trainer will conduct a visual diagnosis, as well as a series of tests to determine the current state of your health. Based on the results of the tests, the coach will help you more accurately determine your goals and set priorities.

Compiling a program

And only after talking with you and assessing your current state of health, a competent trainer will take up the preparation of exercises for your individual needs. The exercises will be selected in such a way that you not only move towards your goal but also feel comfortable in your own body.

Dive into the world of training

The trainer will select the optimal exercises on the necessary simulators and show the technique of their correct implementation. It is the personal trainer who will determine the time frame and degree of load for aerobic exercises, the number of approaches, and adequate weight for strength exercises. The trainer will tell you the optimal combination of different types of exercises and directions, as well as give recommendations on the regimen and diet.

We track the dynamics

To track the dynamics of your results, a personal trainer periodically re-tests. Based on its results, the technique of performing exercises, their order and intensity are corrected, and the possibility of further work at a more advanced level is determined – with weights, dumbbells, barbells, and other equipment.

Remember that at the initial stage of training, your main task is to learn how to perform the exercises correctly and safely, strengthen your muscles and the body as a whole, and increase endurance. And only after having coped with these tasks, you can move on to higher loads, and complex exercises and move towards achieving your goals.

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