Exercises for the inner thigh


Beautiful and strong legs are the dream of not only many women, but also men. However, often even for those who do not avoid physical activity, the inner surface of the thigh remains “undeveloped”, and fat deposits form there. Without experiencing stress in everyday life, this area becomes problematic at all. You can correct the situation with the help of a set of simple exercises.

Before starting a workout, do a short, 10-minute warm-up warm-up – this will help to avoid sprains. Jumping rope, a short run on the track, an ellipse, the usual general gymnastics will prepare the body for targeted exercises and set it up to burn fat. After that, move on to exercises to strengthen the inner surface of the thigh.

Workouts to strengthen the inner thigh: take on board!

It is recommended to perform a set of exercises at least three times a week, gradually increasing the load.

Standing lunges

Stand up straight with your legs wide apart. Bend your right leg slightly and do a shallow squat. At the same time, slowly pull the left to the side. The back is straight, and the arms are extended forward parallel to the floor. As you exhale, change position: squat on your left leg, and stretch your right. At the initial stage of training, perform this exercise 8-10 times on each leg.

Leg swings in the supine position

Lie on your right side. Bend your right arm at the elbow and rest your head on it. Keeping the body straight, swing your left leg with maximum amplitude. Do 10-12 swings and repeat with the other leg.


Lie on your back. Raise your legs at a right angle to the floor. Spread them apart and connect, straining your legs. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times.

Half squats with extended hips

Stand up straight. Spread your legs wide, turning your feet outward. Squat while keeping your back straight. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times.

Hip reversals

In a standing position, place your hands on your waist. Raise your right leg forward, bending it at the knee. Then turn your leg to the side and straighten it. Do the same with your left foot.

Exercise with the ball sitting on a chair

Sit on the edge of a chair with your back straight. Squeeze a small ball with your knees. As much as possible straining the internal muscles of the thighs, press on it for a minute. Relax your muscles. Repeat the exercise 5 times.

Leg swings with support

Lean your hand on a chair. Lock your back in a straight position. Do 10 swings with each leg, changing the hand with which you lean on the chair.

Stretching the inner thighs with the elbows

Sit on the floor or, to make it more difficult, on a fitball. Lean forward slightly. Place your arms bent at the elbows between your knees. Slowly pressing your elbows on your knees, spread your hips. Then, resisting with your elbows, connect them. Do the exercise for at least 2 minutes.

tourniquet exercise

Lie down on the floor. Tie your legs with a rubber band above the knees so that you can stretch it 20-30 centimeters. Overcoming the resistance of the tourniquet, spread your legs to the specified distance. Then connect them. Repeat the exercise 10-12 times.


Sit on the floor. Spread your legs wide. Press the left leg against the inner surface of the thigh, holding it with your left hand. Straighten your right leg, bend over and reach with your right hand to the tips of your right toes. Change position.

Allows you to make the hips more elastic and swimming. Swimming “without hands” is especially effective, when all the necessary movements are performed only with the legs. Water aerobics will bring even more tangible results.

What should be kept in mind when exercising?

Of course, training should be done regularly. Ideally, if they become daily. However, exercise alone is not enough. Watch your diet, minimize the consumption of starchy and sweet foods, do not overeat, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, foods rich in fiber. Sweet carbonated drinks, like alcohol, are best eliminated from the diet. Drink more plain water, be outdoors more often, move more.

It is also useful to massage the inner thighs. Moreover, it can be done not only with your hands, but also with a strong shower jet, a sponge, a peeling glove. This will improve blood circulation in problem areas and help break down fatty deposits.

If you follow these rules and do the exercises regularly, you will see how your hips are transformed in just a few weeks.

Where is the best place to train

The most basic exercises can be done at home. However, there is not always enough time for a separate lesson and, to be honest, self-discipline. Therefore, it is better to include the complex in a general workout in a fitness center.

At the Gold’s Gym club, classes are conducted under the guidance of experienced instructors who make up a set of exercises individually for each client, taking into account his age, physical fitness, and health status. This is very important, as overloading can lead to injuries and sprains.

In addition, in Gold’s Gym fitness centers, you can perform exercises to strengthen the inner surface of the thigh not only using various simple shells, but also on the latest simulators, which will speed up the achievement of the desired result. Be beautiful with Gold`s Gym!

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