Exercises after childbirth for the abdomen, chest and back

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Most women after childbirth have problems with their figures. Indeed, after the birth of a baby, the muscles in the abdomen, chest, and back, the most “affected” during the gestation period, need to be strengthened. And it’s not only about the figure but also about health. It is not so difficult to recover them if you regularly perform a certain fitness complex and remember some simple rules.

The abdomen is the most problematic area for young mothers. However, it must be borne in mind that exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles should be started no earlier than 6–8 weeks after a normal birth and 2–2.5 months after a cesarean section. This is due to the state of internal organs and the risk of injury.

Naturally, you should “start” with minimal loads, gradually increasing them. To achieve the desired effect, gymnastics should first be done at least three times a week, gradually moving on to daily workouts. Each exercise should be initially performed 2-3 times, gradually approaching 15 repetitions.

Below we list simple but effective exercises for restoring the figure.

Exercises after childbirth for the abdomen

  • Squats
    Starting position: standing, legs together. During a slow squat, inhale, buttocks are pulled back as far as possible, the body is tilted forward, and hands are on the middle of the thigh. On inspiration, the stomach should be rounded. When straightening, exhale, the back is straight, the arms are raised forward and slightly apart to the sides, and the front wall of the abdomen is retracted. During the entire exercise, the heels are on the floor.
  • Pelvic lifts
    Exercise is performed in the supine position. The knees are bent, and the back is pressed to the floor. Press your back firmly to the floor, tighten your abdominal muscles and lift your pelvis up. Hold this position for a few seconds.
  • Body
    lifts From a supine position, holding your hands behind your head, perform body lifts (angle – 45 °, exhale on the rise, inhale in the starting position). Make sure your back stays straight.
  • Lunges
    Take the “emphasis” position – kneeling, lower your hands to the floor. Legs and arms are shoulder-width apart. Lunge forward simultaneously with your left hand and right foot, then with your right hand and left foot.
  • Leg
    lifts From the position lying on your side, alternately perform lifts of the left and right legs: lying on the left side, lifting the right leg, lying on the right – the left.

Breast exercises after childbirth

The following exercises will help strengthen the pectoral muscles:

  • Castle
    Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, hands clasped in the castle at chest level. Press your hands one on the other, strictly making sure that your hands remain in place. This exercise allows you to strengthen the lateral muscles of the chest.
  • Castle “on the contrary”
    We complicate the first exercise. To do this, an attempt should be made to separate the hands, while leaving the fingers interlaced and straining only the muscles of the shoulders and chest.
  • Emphasis on the wall
    The exercise is performed against the wall. The arms are extended and pressed to her with palms at shoulder level. Press your hands against the wall (as if trying to move it), gradually increasing the pressure. Continue for 10-15 seconds.
  • Arm Rotations
    Take a standing position, feet shoulder-width apart. Bend your elbows, and press your fingertips to your shoulders. Perform rotational movements with your hands, first forward, then back.
  • Mahi
    Stand up straight, arms lowered along the torso. Raise one arm and swing back. Swing forward from the starting position with your arms down. The exercise is performed alternately with both hands.

Back exercises after childbirth

The back during pregnancy is under special stress. If there are no problems with the spine, then the following exercises are recommended after childbirth.

  • Tilts
    Stand up straight, and put your hands on your belt. Do spring bends forward.
  • Twisting
    From the same starting position, perform twisting turns of the torso to the right and left sides alternately.
  • Swing your arms
    Put your legs apart, and raise your hands to your shoulders. Gently raise your shoulders and elbows forward, then straighten your arms, lift them, and do two springy swings back.
  • Semi-squats
    Place your feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly apart. Make a smooth “circle” with your shoulders back, connecting the shoulder blades. Then take a semi-squat, tilt your head back and return to the starting position. After that, perform a “circle” with your shoulders forward, half-squat, and tilt your head forward.
  • Tilts
    Legs apart, hands brought together behind the head. Tilt your torso to the left, then to the right, then lean forward and back. The movements are performed together. Then the same on the other side.

It should be noted that after childbirth, swimming is very useful for strengthening all muscle groups. Moreover, you can swim already a week after discharge from the clinic (if there are no contraindications from the doctor). As for gymnastics itself, it is better to start training under the guidance of an instructor. This will avoid sprains, overloads, and injuries. In addition, a set of exercises should be compiled taking into account the physical form of a woman, her age, weight, and individual characteristics.

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