5 ways to drink more water

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Just think about it: about two-thirds of an adult’s body is water. It is not surprising that with the onset of hot weather, it becomes not so easy for our body to retain moisture in itself. Many people prefer to refresh themselves with sodas, juices, or ice tea in the summer, while their body needs clean drinking water. Why should you drink water? Scientists have calculated that ¾ of the human brain is water, our skin is 64% water, and even more in the muscles – almost 80%! Based on this simple arithmetic, it becomes obvious that to perform vital functions, our body needs a daily intake of large amounts of water.

Water does more than just quench our thirst. Here are just a few reasons why drinking water is so important:

  • water removes harmful substances from the body (through the sweat glands and the genitourinary system)
  • water enhances metabolic processes in the body
  • water helps our body at the cellular level, and also supports muscle development;
  • water regulates body temperature;
  • water is a kind of shock absorber for the nervous system and helps lubricate the joints.

In addition, water helps control weight. Recent studies have found that drinking enough water can help you lose weight. Dehydration has also been linked to obesity. Scientists believe that drinking water instead of high-sugar drinks have a long range of benefits.

We bring to your attention a few secrets of replenishing the body with water. You may need to go to the restroom a little more often, but don’t let that put you off. Light-colored urine is one of the indicators that you are drinking enough water.

Add flavor

If the water seems tasteless to you, add a couple of slices of lemon or other fruit to your glass to give it a taste and aroma. Some even like to flavor their water with herbs or flowers. And remember that in addition to hot weather, exercise, caffeine, and alcohol can lead to dehydration. If you are actively involved in sports, you will have to consume even more water.

Make it your habit

Instead of washing your lunch down with Diet Coke, pour yourself a glass of water instead. The human body can process up to 15 liters of water per day, but there is no need for fanaticism! Too much water is no less dangerous than too little. If you drink too much, there is a high risk that sodium and potassium will be excreted from the body, leading to hyponatremia.

Keep a water bottle on your desk and take a few sips throughout the day.

The bottle will make it easier for you to determine how much water you have drunk in a day.

save money

When you arrive at a restaurant, ask for a glass of water. It may not sound as pretty as, for example, a pina colada or a mojito, but it will help you not consume too much sugar, replenish your body’s water supply, and also enjoy the amount on the check.

Find an alternative source of water

Fill your body with water while snacking on fruits and vegetables. Watermelons are 92% water, while celery is 95%! Zucchini contains up to 97% water, and orange peel contains about 87%.

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