10 Foods Under 100 Calories

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We offer a list of the best nutritious snacks containing 100 calories or less.


The perfect snack throughout the day. Apples are rich in iron, as well as vitamins C, B, and K. One medium-sized apple contains approximately 70 kcal.

Almond nuts

Nuts are a great healthy snack option on their own. They are rich in vitamins and amino acids. Almonds, in turn, also lower cholesterol levels and slow down the aging process. The calorie content of 12-13 pieces of almonds is 90 kcal.


Fresh vegetables are record holders for low-calorie content. One cucumber contains approximately 15-17 kcal. Of the benefits: with the regular use of cucumbers, the digestibility of animal proteins improves.

Pomegranate juice

150 milliliters of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice contains 90 calories. Pomegranate is a storehouse of the most useful ingredients, it contains potassium, magnesium, and iron. Moreover, doctors claim that pomegranate is useful for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Greek yogurt

Natural Greek yogurt without added sugar contains approximately 100 calories. Yogurt contains a large number of probiotics that restore the intestinal microflora and increase the protective functions of the body.


Another tasty and healthy snack is kiwi. This exotic fruit is rich in vitamins C, A, B, dietary fiber, and organic acids. 2 kiwis are about 95 calories.


For those who really want to have a snack with something sweet, I advise you to pay attention to the berries. Dried fruits in this case will not work, as they contain little water and a lot of sugar, but fresh or thawed berries will be just right! For 100 g of raspberries, for example, there are only 50 calories.

Oatmeal cookies

Sometimes you can indulge yourself and eat one oatmeal cookie with a cup of tea or coffee. One of these cookies contains 65 calories. If a simple oatmeal cookie quickly gets bored, then you can try something new. On the Internet, there are a huge number of options for making “pp cookies”. Therefore, you can experiment and cook oatmeal-buckwheat cookies, oatmeal cookies with raisins, or with bananas and dates.

mini carrot

This snack option is very quick and convenient as mini carrots are available in many supermarkets ready to eat. There are 41 calories per serving of 10 small carrots.

boiled eggs

A hard-boiled egg is a great protein snack option. Boiled eggs are well absorbed by the body and quickly satisfy hunger, despite the fact that one egg contains about 80 calories.

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